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Moishe’s Bagel, Salt for Svanetia (own label)

Moishe’s Bagel’s first venture into providing soundtracks for silent films proved a great success when Salt for Svanetia was shown, with the band playing live, at the Hippodrome Festival of Silent Cinema in Bo’ness in March this year.

The film gives a startling snapshot of life in a landlocked, remote and self-contained Soviet community in the 1930s yet the quintet’s music, together with notes on the scenes it accompanies, captures the visuals so vividly that it stands up as a dramatic, wonderfully atmospheric work in its own right.

Violinist-mandolinist Greg Lawson’s theme tune conveys both the hard lives led and the unforgiving grandeur of the location with a soulfulness that permeates the album as a whole, and the rhythmical intricacies of bassist Mario Caribe’s The Towers of Svanetia and the contrasts between dancing, accordion-led work songs and the searing sorrowfulness of pieces such as pianist Phil Alexander’s Milk to the Soil combine to create an affecting portrait that resonates long after the music stops. 


From The Sunday Herald, November 22, 2015










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World class jazz on tourSaxophone and piano masters

Tommy Smith & Brian Kellock

Spinning classic songs into creative spontaneous gold

Altrincham - Cinnamon Club, Thu Nov 26

Leicester - Attenborough Arts Centre, Fri Nov 27

Lincoln - The Collection, Sat Nov 28

"World class" - Jazz Journal

music that's going places
guitar musicComing to Scotland March 2016

Guitar Journey Duo

Jonny Phillips & Giorgio Serci

The leader of the fabulous Latin-American jazz group Oriole with Sardinian virtuoso Serci

Charting the guitar's journey from its origins in Spain and North Africa across the world through Europe, Africa and the Americas

Concerts in Aberdeen, Cupar, Kilbarchan, Birnam, Edinburgh, and Dunfermline

music that's going places