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Album of the week:  

Kevin Mackenzie & Steve Hamilton, Midnight Without You (Laundry Room)

The Blue Nile’s songs enter the jazz catalogue convincingly on this first recording from a Scottish guitar-piano duo that’s been in the stars since Kevin Mackenzie first heard Steve Hamilton as a precocious teenage pianist.

Previous duos including Jim Hall with both Bill Evans and George Shearing and Pat Martino with Gil Goldstein fuelled Mackenzie’s desire to work with Hamilton and there are echoes here of all three, although it’s another Pat – Metheny - who springs to mind as Mackenzie’s propellant acoustic guitar introduces Headlights on the Parade.

There’s something of Metheny’s liking for Philly soul too in the lovely Easter Parade, which finds Mackenzie and Hamilton luxuriating – as they do consistently – in the melody.

Judicious overdubbing adds atmosphere behind Mackenzie’s clipped tone and Hamilton’s careful precision but essentially this is a conversation between two musical voices who know how to communicate a song’s meaning without words and, as the gospel-flavoured O Lolita illustrates, extend the sentiment with improvisational imagination.

From The Sunday Herald August 31, 2014.


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Touring Scotland in November
Philip Clouts Quartet
African township jive meets hard bop, soul jazz and folk pastoralism
Ollie Howell Quintet

Exciting young jazz group led by Quincy Jones-endorsed drummer

appearing at

Dunfermline, Carnegie Hall Wed Sep 17

Aberdeen, Blue Lamp Thu Sep 18

Eden Court, Inverness Fri Sep 19

Wick, Lyth Arts Centre Sat Sep 20

Edinburgh, Jazz Bar Sun Sep 21

Album Sutures & Stitches available now on Whirlwind Records