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Album of the week:  

Julian Argüelles, Let it be Told (Basho)

In 1965 a musical tide washed up in London from South Africa that belied the musicians’ pain and longing with a celebratory spirit that can still be felt today.

Saxophonist Julian Argüelles was among its beneficiaries, working with bands that directly emanated from the original group of exiles fleeing apartheid, the wonderful Blue Notes, as well as featuring in Loose Tubes, who exuded the Blue Notes’ spirit, and here he revisits some of the music that arrived on that tide with the Frankfurt Radio Big Band, whose saxophone section he also graced for four years.

It’s an invigorating set, capturing the gloriously unruly, soulful jubilation of saxophonist Dudu Pukwana and trumpeter Mongezi Feza’s compositions and making a reverent centrepiece of Abdullah Ibrahim’s beautiful one-time theme tune, The Wedding.

Drop the metaphorical stylus anywhere and you’ll hear energised orchestrations and superb soloing but the faithful, horns as voices reproduction of Ladysmith Black Mambazo’s Amabutho and the sheer joy of Chris McGregor’s Amasi deserve singling out.

From The Sunday Herald, May 24, 2015.



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World jazz on tourPhilip Clouts Quartet

Indelible melodies, big grooves, influences from South Africa, Cuba, Spain, Eastern Europe and Southern Italy

Playing tracks from their Autumn 2015 album release for Odradek Records

Concerts in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dunfermline, Aberdeen and others to be announced
A1 vocal jazzHitting the road north in September ...

One of the UK's leading jazz singers

Tina May

with the wonderfully empathetic Nikki Iles on piano

Dates in Aberdeen, Birnam, Edinburgh, Dunfermline, Nairn, Lyth, and Arbroath.

Further information to follow

Nick HarperReturning to the Edinburgh Fringe

Herald Angel-winning singer, songwriter and guitarist

A phenomenal talent

Appearing at The Jazz Bar, 1a Chambers Street

Sunday 9 - Wednesday 12 August at 8:30pm