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Album of the week:  

Catriona McKay & Chris Stout, Seavaigers (MSM)

In their duo performances, Dundee-born harper Catriona McKay and Shetland fiddler Chris Stout almost routinely take traditional music into the realms of high art as each inspires the other into spontaneous dicing with danger while remaining aware of the value of great melodies. 

Something similar is at work here, although on a grander scale, with composer Sally Beamish providing new music for McKay and Stout and the Scottish Ensemble and the duo themselves collaborating with the ensemble on the superb Moder Dy that follows Beamish’s gloriously atmospheric Seavaigers with its aptly titled Storm, Lament and Haven movements.

Beamish has caught the pair’s strengths perfectly with a variously unsettled, forlorn and elated depiction of sea voyaging and the natural sounding partnership with the ensemble continues in Moder Dy’s musical examination of tidal currents and their effects, moving from keening notes to dancing rhythms into a final sequence, Sunstone, that sounds like McKay and Stout’s other meeting place, Shetland band Fiddlers Bid writ large, bold and beautiful.

From The Sunday Herald, August 24, 2014.




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Touring Scotland in November
Philip Clouts Quartet
African township jive meets hard bop, soul jazz and folk pastoralism
Ollie Howell Quintet

Exciting young jazz group led by Quincy Jones-endorsed drummer

appearing at

Dunfermline, Carnegie Hall Wed Sep 17

Aberdeen, Blue Lamp Thu Sep 18

Eden Court, Inverness Fri Sep 19

Wick, Lyth Arts Centre Sat Sep 20

Edinburgh, Jazz Bar Sun Sep 21

Album Sutures & Stitches available now on Whirlwind Records