Friday 1                 Saturday 2                Sunday 3                Monday 4                



     Tuesday 5               Wednesday 6              Thursday 7               Friday 8                   



       Saturday 9                Sunday 10                 Monday 11            Tuesday 12            



   Wednesday 13            Thursday 14               Friday 15               Saturday 16              



      Sunday 17                 Monday 18               Tuesday 19            Wednesday 20             


                 Thursday 21             Friday 22             Saturday 23            Sunday 24



                                                     Monday 25




I hope you’ll find something here to enjoy reading and if you want to get in touch for any reason, click on "Contact" in the menu column on the left. Please don’t contact me for advice on buying skis or hostage negotiation, though, as you need different, vastly more qualified Rob Adamses for those services. And for goodness sake hire the correct Rob Adams regarding wedding photography because I’ve beheaded more people than Henry Vlll with a camera in my hands. 





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