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Album of the week:       

Ant Law, Zero Sum World (Whirlwind)

Now based in London, where he fits in easily with many of the leading players on the jazz scene, guitarist Ant Law previously studied physics at Edinburgh University and brings this experience as well as his pioneering work in tuning the guitar in perfect fourths to this, his second release under his own name.

The album’s title is actually a mathematical term and other tracks take theirs from biological associations but this apparently scientific approach shouldn’t deter listeners from investigating what is an entirely accessible work. Law solos with fluency and feeling and writes engaging, often instantly memorable themes, using the players and instrumentation here – saxophonist Michael Chillingworth’s bass clarinet is a notable feature – to create attractive atmospheres and convey personality.

If Leafcutter isn’t dedicated to Polar Bear’s laptop virtuoso, then it accidentally captures his mischievousness to a T.  Superb contributions also from pianist Ivo Neame, drummer James Maddren and bassist Tom Farmer ensure that Law’s music has heart and warmth as well as brainy origins.

From The Sunday Herald, February 15, 2015.




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World Music TouringComing soon ...

the fabulous Carnatic violinist

Jyotsna Srikanth

making the violin sing on live dates in Scotland

Concerts in Kilbarchan and Edinburgh

With percussion accompaniment

A1 vocal jazz
Hitting the road north in September ...

One of the UK's leading jazz singers

Tina May

with the wonderfully empathetic Nikki Iles on piano

Dates in Stirling, Birnam, Dunfermline, Nairn, Lyth, Arbroath, and Edinburgh

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