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Album of the week:    

Shooglenifty, The Untied Knot (Shoogle)

Shooglenifty are probably as surprised as anyone that they’ve arrived at their 25th anniversary.

Their whisky kissed trances and hedonistic reeling didn’t seem built to last when they arrived on the folk and wider music scenes but they’ve survived and thrived by judiciously adding sounds and influences so that, as with this seventh studio album, their music manages the trick of sounding at once familiar and yet fresh.

The main new sound here is the voice of Kaela Rowan, who contributes puirt a beul, Indian rhythm syllables and airy vocal improvising to a palette that also accommodates pipes and piano, from guests Ross Ainslie and Dave Milligan respectively, alongside fiddle, mandolin, banjo, electric guitar, bass and drums as the music variously dances, swaggers, marches, evokes some forgotten spaghetti western and hangs in the air like the rather more attractive cousin of Scotch mist.

Morocco, Rajasthan, a vocal tribe of unknown origin and Highland village halls all spring to mind as the Untied Knot weaves its enigmatic magic.

From The Sunday Herald, June 28, 2015.



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Nick Harper
Back on the Edinburgh Fringe

Herald Angel-winning singer, songwriter and guitarist

A phenomenal talent and ultra-dynamic performer

Appearing at The Jazz Bar, 1a Chambers Street

Sunday 9 - Wednesday 12 August at 8:30pm

World jazz on tour
Philip Clouts Quartet

Indelible melodies, big grooves, influences from South Africa, Cuba, Spain, Eastern Europe and Southern Italy

Edinburgh - Traverse Theatre, Monday, October 26

Glasgow - Woodend Tennis Club, Tuesday, October 27

Dunfermline - Carnegie Hall, Wednesday, October 28

Aberdeen - The Blue Lamp, Thursday, October 29

New album, Umoya, released Autumn 2015 on Odradek Records

A1 vocal jazz
Hitting the road north in September ...

One of the UK's leading jazz singers

Tina May

with the wonderfully empathetic Nikki Iles on piano

Aberdeen - The Blue Lamp, Thursday, September 3

Birnam - Birnam Arts Centre, Sunday, September 13

Edinburgh - Traverse Theatre, Monday, September 14

Dunfermline - Carnegie Hall, Wednesday, September 16

Nairn - Nairn Dunbar Golf Club, Thursday, September 17

Lyth, near Wick - Lyth Arts Centre, Friday, September 18

Arbroath - Hospitalfield House, Saturday, September 19

Leo Blanco Trio
The Venezuelan piano virtuoso returns

with Mario Caribe (bass) and Alyn Cosker (drums)

Edinburgh Jazz Festival, July 19
George Square Spiegeltent with the John Rae Experience

Ronnie Scott's London, July 20-23
with Cuban groove masters Irakere