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Album of the week:  

Gráinne Brady & Tina Jordan Rees, High Spirits (G ’n’ T)

Fiddler Gráinne Brady and pianist, flautist and whistle player Tina Jordan Rees met at a traditional music session in Glasgow in 2011 and this first full-length album suggests there was an instant rapport.

They play together like siblings, possibly bonding on a shared immersion in Irish dance tunes and with a knack for writing new melodies in that idiom with a real spark of individuality and character.

All the music here is their own and it showcases not just their instrumental prowess – Brady’s fiddling nimble, strong and expressive; Jordan Rees’s brightly percussive pianism being a particular asset – but also their talent for arrangement, ability to accompany each other and willingness to take ideas beyond traditional tune forms.

The sequential 5/8s, Two Mad Cats and Week 15 are impressionistic and imaginative without losing touch with their roots and while guitar, double bass, bodhran and accordion are added here and there, the overall impression is of one mightily self-contained, superbly able duo.

From The Sunday Herald, October 4, 2015.




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Jyotsna Srikanth's Bangalore Dreams

Exciting meeting of the Carnatic tradition with jazz-rock grooves

Rothes Hall, Glenrothes Wed Nov 18

Blue Lamp, Aberdeen Thu Nov 19

Performing Arts Centre, Kilbarchan Fri Nov 20

World jazz on tourPhilip Clouts Quartet

Indelible melodies, big grooves, influences from South Africa, Cuba, Spain, Eastern Europe and Southern Italy

Edinburgh - Traverse Theatre, Monday, October 26

Glasgow - Woodend Tennis Club, Tuesday, October 27

Dunfermline - Carnegie Hall, Wednesday, October 28

Aberdeen - The Blue Lamp, Thursday, October 29

New album, Umoya, released October 23 on Odradek Records