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Album of the week: 

Drifter, Flow (Edition)

A rebranding of the quartet that the marvellous Finnish pianist Alexi Tuomarila has led for fifteen years, Drifter joins the dots between two of the greatest European jazz groups, Keith Jarrett’s Scandinavian Quartet and Swedish trailblazers EST, and yet also has a very strong identity of its own.

The gospel element that was so central to Jarrett’s group manifests itself in several of Flow’s melodies as well as vocal chants, especially on Breathing Out My Soul, that also smack of field hollers and had EST interpreted the Police songbook instead of Thelonious Monk’s, then Sting’s King of Pain in the Swedes’ hands might have sounded something like it does here.

It’s the four musicians’ individual strength of character and collective sense of purpose that makes this group and this album such a pleasure, however. Tuomarila’s soloing is at once virtuosic and engaging. Saxophonist Nicolas Kummert can be both robust and deeply personal and their music, with its blend of delicacy, energy, freedom and sheer melodiousness, is consistently compelling.


From The Sunday Herald, August 30, 2015.







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World jazz on tour
Philip Clouts Quartet

Indelible melodies, big grooves, influences from South Africa, Cuba, Spain, Eastern Europe and Southern Italy

Edinburgh - Traverse Theatre, Monday, October 26

Glasgow - Woodend Tennis Club, Tuesday, October 27

Dunfermline - Carnegie Hall, Wednesday, October 28

Aberdeen - The Blue Lamp, Thursday, October 29

New album, Umoya, released Autumn 2015 on Odradek Records

A1 vocal jazzHitting the road north in September ...

One of the UK's leading jazz singers

Tina May

with the wonderfully empathetic Nikki Iles on piano

Aberdeen - The Blue Lamp, Thursday, September 3

Birnam - Birnam Arts Centre, Sunday, September 13

Edinburgh - Traverse Theatre, Monday, September 14

Dunfermline - Carnegie Hall,

Wednesday, September 16

Nairn - Nairn Dunbar Golf Club, Thursday, September 17

Lyth, near Wick - Lyth Arts Centre, Friday, September 18

Arbroath - Hospitalfield House, Saturday, September 19